Winchester Mystery House

About This Project

Here’s the set up….  Annamarie and I drove to the Winchester house on Sunday the 24th.  She has never seen the house, and it’s an amazing day trip.

We didn’t take any equipment with us, as it is a really “touristy” spot.  It would be like conducting an investigation in the middle of Disneyland in August….

So we put on our tourist hat and took the Mansion tour.  It never fails to please, and Annamarie loved the experience.  After the tour we decided to roam around the grounds, and ended up in the front of the house by the fountain.  We grabbed our phones and she took the first picture… Here.


Focus on the 2nd floor diagonal window just left of center.  There are two panes, with what appear to be screens covering.  As you can see, there is clearly nothing in the window.  As we had just taken the tour, I can assure you, there was noone able to access this area.  The floor was quite damaged by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and they have the whole area roped off.  Just out of frame in this picture is the famed “Door to nowhere”.

Next, about 10 seconds later, in almost the exact same place, I took a photo with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Beautiful pic, if I might add, and you can see the “Door to Nowhere” on the left.   There is a sign under the open door, and again, this whole area is roped off from the tour, you see it from across the room, through another doorway.


In reviewing the picture…. I noticed a woman, in period dress, standing in the window that was previously empty.  And then noticed her holding the hand of a young girl, in the lower half of the window….  And this, of course is impossible, because first, the area inside is heavily damaged and not accessible to the guests, and second, there are no people on the property dressed in turn of the century attire.

Here is an extreme close up.


And here is my wife’s snapchat photo about 5 seconds after I snapped this pic.


Again….empty.  I will leave it to you to decide whether or not I captured a spirit image at the house.  But, these are the facts.  Both my wife and I were standing within two feet of each other, and the pictures you see were taken by her iphone and my Samsung, all within 30 seconds or so, and there has been no altering or tampering with the images.  I did, however, copy and then crop my photo for the close up picture.

Please feel free to comment – I’d love your feedback!