Red Cross House

About This Project

The Woelke-Stoffel House, or as Anaheim residents call it, the Red Cross House was built in 1907, and then later moved to it’s current location on West Street.

My wife Annamarie and I passed by the building several times when I was living right down the street and decided one day to just pull in and walk around the property.  It is a landmark, and open for viewing during the day, but it was late afternoon when we stopped by, and long after anyone had left the residence.  Legend has it that the old caretaker/butler of the residence is still performing his duties, although he is several decades passed away.  After our experience, you be the judge…

As we walked from the back to the front of the property we started snapping pictures of the front of the house, which I have posted below, but before we get to that, a quick anecdote..

The street that the Red Cross house is on is a typical Southern California street; sidewalk, palm trees, you get the picture.  There is visibility in both directions for blocks.  So we’re standing at the front of the house, on the sidewalk, when out of the blue a man is standing right next to us.  It startled us, but he was friendly enough.  He started talking about days gone by, how he missed the old times, and then wished us a good day.  We were a little freaked out, so we said the same to him and went right back to our pictures.  About ten seconds later, I turned to see where he was, and he was gone.  Unless you were standing on the street with us, you cannot understand the full impact of what I am describing here, but there is NO WAY we couldn’t have seen him approaching, and NO WAY he could have gone anywhere after our confrontation.  He appeared and vanished basically into thin air.  Really strange.  Until we got home and looked at the pictures we had taken.

Below the first picture is a normal shot of the front of the house, no zoom, no alterations.

The second picture is the same picture as above, just zoomed in slightly and cropped.

The next picture is an extreme zoom and crop, no other alterations.  You can see this in the first image if you zoom.  As you can see,there is someone watching us.

After our encounter with the strange man, and after taking the picture you have seen above, (remember, we had no knowledge of the image we caught in the shot), we proceeded to walk up the path to the front door.  We then took a shot straight inside, then left, then right.  As you can see below.  There is nothing that possibly could have formed the image of the man in the above pictures, and there was absolutely no one in the house.  (Click pictures to see full size).

Left thru front door

Straight thru front door

Right thru front door

Below I have included a gallery of all the pictures we took during our walk around the house along with our video walk around.  We look forward to investigating the inside of this beautiful old structure.


Red Cross House, Woelke-Stoffel House